The people
Don't leave success to chance. We help you recruit in the Nordic market.
PU is one of Norway's longest-living companies within search and selection of leaders and specialists. Since our inception in 1985, we have built up a significant network nationally and internationally within several industries.

Our advisers all have a solid education, varied background, and broad expertise. Curiosity and humility in the face of any assignment is what makes us skilled advisers. We ask the right questions, even the uncomfortable ones. Understanding your business and your needs is absolutely central to us earning your trust. Yet, it is our professional expertise in search and selection that has made us chosen time and time again by owners, boards and managers.
What we believe
We believe in the power of people and that people are the heart and soul of any organisation. Our goal is for you to build an organisation that exceeds expectations, inspires the employees and grows in line with established strategy and goals. It is our task to understand why people can succeed in one context yet fail in another. With this backdrop we have continuously developed search and selection methods with a solid basis in organisational psychology - since 1985.
Our core values serve as a guideline for how we act and make decisions.

Curiosity. We are constantly seeking new and meaningful knowledge and insight, both academically and interpersonally.

Integrity. We have fixed, unaffected attitudes when dealing with the environment around us. We strive to be consistent in what we believe in, what we say, what we do and what we are morally committed to.

Thoroughness. We have a consistent, structured, and accurate approach to everything we do, in line with our established concepts, frameworks and guidelines.

Collaboration. We believe in solid cooperation is key to create positive development of the relationship between our clients and candidates.
A part of the Kestria-family